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What is Mathematics?” Aristotle defined mathematics as “the Science of Quantity”. Nowadays, Mathematics is the one subject that students worry a lot. The main reason behind the fear is that they do not try to understand the concepts of mathematics. We, Experts first create interest in the subject and then make you understand the depth of the concepts. We don’t stop there. We keep revising them and make the students doubt free. Our biggest strengths are Weekly and Monthly tests, which make the students, excel in their examination. 


Expert Name : P. Ramesh MSc. M Phil. M.Ed, 16 years experience.

Expert Name: Mr.Balaji M.Sc., B.Ed 10 years of experience

Expert Name: Ms.Sivagami Anand B.Sc. 5 years of experience 


Physics is ultimately concerned with description of real world. Students face lots of pressure in their later parts of their education because of the lack of clarity in Physics. We create a strong base in Physics subject, through which our students not only perform now but also excel in their entire life. We, at Experts choose the most difficult problems in Physics and explain their solutions in much simplified way. We guide and motivate the students by giving specialized care to each student.

Expert Name J.Baskaran, B.E, M.E, Research and Development in recent Physics, 4 years experience

Expert    Name  :   Ms. Ishwarya , Msc. Physics , 5 years experience



Chemistry forms the basis for all the science subjects. So, it is absolutely necessary to clearly understand the basic concepts of Chemistry. In Experts, we have an expert of Experts, who has more than 20 years of experience in this field. As he is doing Research in this field, he uses real life examples to relate with the theoretical concepts. This special feature of ours is one of the main
reasons, which placed many of our stars into IITs. Chemistry and Physics are the main components, which fetches a student Engineering or Medical degree. We understand this and are working accordingly.

Expert Name : Mr. ANIL KUMAR  M.Sc., B.Ed., Chemistry 5 years of experience

Expert  Name  : Mr. Subramaniyam , Msc. Chemistry ., 5 years of experience 

Expert  Name : Ms. Saraswathi,. Msc.,B.Ed., 3 years of exprience


BIOLOGY is the only SCIENCE in which MULTIPLICATION is the same thing as DIVISION. The more appropriate you understand concepts, The better way you perform. We make sure that we give you knowledge rather than lessons. Experts Academy brings you experts from Medical field to handle classes which makes you easy to grab content from them and take back their live experience. We ensure that you get all the latest updates in medical field.  Join us to portrait you the better way in biology. 


Expert Name : N.Deepamohanbabu, M.P.T(Neuro),, Former Associate professor,Consultant physiotherapist. 

Expert  Name : Ms. Revathi, Msc.,MPhil.,B.ed., 13 years of experience



Accountancy forms the basis for Finance and Finance in turn forms the basis for the Economy. Our Expert is one of the best qualified Accounts Professional and he loves spreading the words of wisdom. He serves the students only out of passion and makes sure that daily updating of the transitions in Accounting is successful. We teach the correction and avoiding of major errors committed by the students, which makes them easier to grasp the concepts and outshine in them. 

Expert Name : Ms. Aarthi ,, 2 years of  experience 

Economics, as known by all is assumed to be a dry subject. But our experts crack the myth. They use special techniques, which are unique to our institution, to energies the students with overwhelming interest in the subject.  Interest in the subject along with the real life examples, act as a driving force for the students to succeed in Economics. 

Expert  Name : Mr. Saravanan, MPhil.,P.Hd., 15 years of

Business Studies is the need of the hour. Engineers and Doctors find it very difficult to get into their dream job and most of them land in stress. So, it is a wise choice to study Business and create our own jobs. We at Experts are here to help you shape and tune your career. We take utmost care in explaining the concepts and guiding you in the right direction.

Commerce is the subject, which students feel tough. They feel that it is complex and dry. We Experts give live examples and real life situations, which make the students, understand and excel the theoretical concepts. As it is easier for them to visualize, they not only secure good marks in the present year but also excel in higher education